Protect Mauna Kea Workout 7/22/19


Protect Mauna Kea

This is a workout we created at CrossFit Anahola to raise awareness and send our good vibes to the Hawaiiain people peacefully protecting their mountain. We firmly believe that when we decided to do our best in our workouts, we make the world a better place. 

A couple details about this workout that we wanna point out. The Ascending rep scheme represents the up-hill battle that they are facing thats is only going to get tougher. We chose the DB Thruster because of the amount of energy that is needed to perform each rep. We also like the raising of the arms. Last is the Mt Climber crunch is one of our favorite ab exercises and it represents them climbing up Mauna kea.

Not going to hide this at all, this is a very tough workout and no matter what weight you choose you WILL BE SORE! Enjoy the struggle, and remember we dedicate this workout to our Hawaiian Ohana.


“Rise UP”


DB Thruster 35/20

MT Climber Crunch

 Coaches Challenge

Finish this workout in under 15 Min


Thrusters- lighter weight, or DB Front Squat


Juan Carlos Gonzalez