Heavy DB + T2B 7/23/19


 Heavy dumbbells are your friend!

 Today we highlight some Single arm DB presses. Single are work really helps identify and imbalances you have, while helping you address them at the same time. Only 5 Press each are per round, highly suggested starting each set with your non-dominant hand. Most of you will realize really quicky that you have less strength and coordination/ confidence when using your or Left if your a righty or right if your a lefty. This workout may seem easy but challenge your self by grabbing the heaviest DB you think you can handle for best results.

 Super stoked that our coaches came up with this workout and can also expect an emphasize toes to bar skill workout before this workout starts. Toes to bar is all about rhythm and timing of your strength. Coaches challenge is to go unbroken, so don't worry so much about getting a fast time, rest until you know you can get whatever T2B version you choose.


(18 min Cap)

For Time:

4 Rounds

200m Run

15 Toes to Bar

10 Single Arm DB Shoulder to OverHead 70/50

 Coaches Challenge

Toes to bar Unbroken 

* 3 burpee penalty every time you drop off the bar*



250m Row or 15 Cal Bike

 Toes to Bar-

Any hanging knee raise to




Almost bar


tuck sit up w/ 10 lbs plate

 S.A DB S to OH- 

Scale weight


Juan Carlos Gonzalez