BenchMark Chief 7/24/19


Have Fun and Go  Fast

This workout is all about having fun and going fast. You get 5, 3 min windows of time to fit in as much work as you can. As coaches we are really looking for you to practice your sense of urgency. Fast transition between exercises in an attempt to really maximize the small time frame you get. Also knowing that you get 1 min rest built in after every round. So keep the intensity High, this is where the results you are looking for are found.

For proper score, pick up where you left off round after round. For example if I did 3 + 8 ( 3 cleans + 5 push Ups) on first round, on the start of the second round Id start on my 6th push up and then 9 squats to complete my 4th round and so on.


Touch N Go

Power Cleans


*Building in weight 


5 Rounds of:

AMRAP x 3 Min

3 Power Cleans 135/95

6 Push Up 

9 Air Squat

1 min rest between rounds

 Coaches Challenge

Set your own goal before class


Power Clean- 

scale weight 

Push Up





Juan Carlos Gonzalez