Dips + Ski 9/25/19


The Dip = upper body squat

The dip is definitely an exercise that will ALWAYS been in rotation. Not only do they make your arms look good, the strength/capabilities a human earns through this exercise is worth the struggle.

Dips are first a skill, learning the position are super important, this is not an easy exercise, and shoulder muscles fatigue fast. Please start with some easy modifications, first building movement pattern then slowly increasing difficulty, by either less or thinner band or adding weight.

Make sure you thank Coach Jeremy for helping us come up with the ski modification to the rower. This is awesome because the rower is a great machine that emphasizes conditioning through the use of extending the hip and pulling not this is opposite you will be forced to create power by hinging at the hipp and pressing to earn that sweat.


Dip ( Bar, ring or box)


*increasing in difficultly


EMOM x 10 min

Min 1 - Bike/row Cals

Min 2- Bottom of Dip Hold

 *rest 2 min

 EMOMx 10 Min

Min 1- Bike/Row

Min 2- Top of Dip Hold

 Coaches Challenge

Muscle Up into dip holds





On a box

Jumping up,down into negative(no press out)


Juan Carlos Gonzalez