PR LEG DAY 8/29/19


PR = Personal Record

 We have been doing some type of squat for the last 6 Weeks, all with the intention of testing our 1 Rep max, and today is the day and yes you are going to do it after a workout because CrossFit. 

The workout before is meant to prime your body for your PR. Really focus on quality reps, and proper muscle activation. Think about it, if you engraning the movement pattern by lots of repetitions, when you go our 1 rep you don't have to think about all the little deatails, you can trust your self and go for it.


For Time

( 15 Min Time Cap)

800m Run

40 Goblet Squats 52/35

40 American Kb Swings 52/35

40 KB Front Rack Lunge 52/35

80 Double Under



400m speed walk

1000m Row

50 Cal Bike

 FR Lunge-

Step Up

 Double Under

30 Cal Bike

100 singles ( 3 Burpee penalty every miss)


Back Squat


Juan Carlos Gonzalez