Push Jerk AMRAP 7/30/19


As Many Reps As Possible

With short time domane workouts, we are really looking for the intensity to be high. How much work can you fit into a small window of time. This my friends is a skill that may earn you a big opportunities in work or family life and beyond. Built in rest today to gives you a chance to recover and add more weight :)

 The Push Jerk is a skill that you need to develop, especially if you want to start moving heavier weights over head without using all you energy. Efficiency is key to putting up a good score in this workout and those burpees will add up quick. You are going to have to earn that barbell. Enjoy


 4 min x AMRAP

7 Push Jerks 95/65

7 Burpee over Bar

*Rest 90 sec

4 min x AMRAP

5 Push Jerks 135/ 85

9 Burpees over Bar

* Res 90 Sec

4min x AMRAP

3 Push Jerks 185/105

11 Burpees over Bar

 Coaches Challenge

Survive :)


Push Jerk-

Push Press


Shoulder to Overhead with DBs


Juan Carlos Gonzalez