Active Recovery 7/31/19


Slam ball RX is 30/20

Box Jump RX is 24/20

Two options for today! (recovery or high intensity)

There has been some high intensity this week, and you might be feeling a bit sore, but you can treat this workout as an active recovery day while still getting some great fitness in!

If you are still feeling great and ready to hit the workout with high intensity, you can work on fast transitions through the first minute of the emom, and still send it on the bike/row.


 EMOM X 10

Min 1 -- AMRAP of 5 Slam balls + 5 Box Jump

Min 2 -- Bike/ Row at moderate pace

-Rest 3:00-


Min 1 -- AMRAP of 5 V-Ups + 5 Push ups

Min 2 -- Bike/ Row at moderate pace


To scale to slam ball, decrease the weight and work on quick hips on the return.

 If you need to scale to box jump, decrease the height of the box and continue to jump, if jumping is not an option, box step ups is your next option.


Juan Carlos Gonzalez