2 RM Push Press + Workout 8/6/19


We are starting off this week with some push press work. Prepare to lift some heavy weight because we are going for a 2 rep max! We will be doing the strength portion before our contitioning today. We really want to emphasize going heavy on our push press today. After the strength we will be doing a great workout focused on running, jumping and light to moderate push presses. We are challenging you to do all of the push press unbroken. You will have plenty of time to recover on the run and box jumps, so go hard on those push presses.  


15 MIN to establish a 2 rep max Push Press


 3 Rounds For Time

-  400M Run

-  21 Box Jump

- 15 Push Press (115/95)



- 500m Row

- 15 cal bike

- 15 Burpee

Box Jump

- Decrease Height of Box

- Box Step Ups

Push Press

-Decrease weight


5 Burpee Pull-ups if you break the push press

Juan Carlos Gonzalez