Fitness + Bodybuilding 8/2/19


We are starting a new program on which we focus a bit more on aesthetics every Friday. Our goal for Fridays is to do a quick metabolic workout followed by some bodybuilding/hypertrophy finishers to cap off the week. 

This is the first friday, and we will be performing a fast and grippy workout with some dumbbell hang power clean and jerks with some v-up’s. We then will directly get into our aesthetic work. We are going to be focusing mainly on our arms and abs this week. These movements are going to include some banded hammer curls, tricep extensions, bent over rows, and banded planks. 


For Time


DB Hang Power Clean & Jerk(35/20)

Alternating V-up

*7 Min Time Cap

Strength/Bodybuilding Finisher

Tabata(8 rounds of 20 sec work/10 sec rest) 

-Banded Hammer Curl

-Banded Tricep Extension 


4 rounds

10 DB Bent over Row w/ 3 sec negative 

1:00 Banded Plank (On hands)


 DB Hang Clean & Jerk 

-Scale Weight down to something you can do big sets with, ideally unbroken

-If going overhead is not an option, only perform the HPC


-Crunch the knee to chest

-Standard Sit-up


Go UNBROKEN on with the dumbbells



Juan Carlos Gonzalez