Active recovery + Pistol 8/15/19


Today is meant to be a skill day that is focused around the pistol ( 1 legged squat). The pistol is an advanced exercise, and no matter who you are this exercise will take time to become proficient. Not only will your coach demonstrate lots of different modifications/ scaling options, today's workout is meant to give you an opportunity to practice pistols in a workout setting. Feel free to mix up scaling options for pistols during workout and have fun while challenging yourself.


For 10 min practice/ find scaling for:

 Pistols ( 1 leged squat)


EMOMx 25 Min

:40 sec of Work

:20 Sec of Rest

 Min 1- Cal Row/Bike

Min 2- KB Front Rack Hold 52/35

Min 3- Pistol

Min 4- Slam Ball 30/20

Min 5- Box Jump



-to a box

-rig or band assisted

- plate under heel

- Counter balanced ( holding weight out in front of you)

- Standing on a box

- Candle Sticks ( from your back rolling into bottom of pistol)

- negative

- self assisted ( placing foot on heel or calf)

 Box Jump

  • Step up


Actually try pistol variations with focus and effort


Juan Carlos Gonzalez