Push/ Pull + Core BodyBuilding 8/16/19


Starting off to day will a quick little burner workout, we looking for you to go as fast as you can! 1 run, one set of thrusters into a burpee finish. Looking forward to seeing what type of numbers our gym can put up. Plus getting body primed and ready for a push/pull + core bodybuilding workout leaving you ready to hit the beach this week. Enjoy!


7 min Time Cap

400m  run

25 DB Thrusters 50/35

w/ time remaining

Max Burpees 


3 Sets Not for time:

10 KB push Press w/ :3sec Negative


10 Skull Crushers ( while lying down)


3 sets Not for time

Banded Inverted rows 

10 Supinated Grip

10 Mix Grip

10 Pronated Grip


:90 Sec plank

:30 sec Left side

:30 Sec Middle 

:30 Right side 

Juan Carlos Gonzalez