ALL The Presses 8/19/28


 Today we find out how proficient you are through the pressing series.

It truly is amazing how different techniques allow us to lift heavier and or allow us to not fatigue so quickly.

 Even though the weight stays the same, the different techniques will help you keep your pace and not slow down. Use the strength complex to really dial it in! 


E90Sec For 6 Sets

1 Strict Press + 2 Push Press + 3 Push Jerks

*building in weight


12 Min x AMRAP

7 Strict Press

7 Push Press

7 Push Jerk

7 Burpee Pull up


Push Jerk 

  • Push Press

Burpee Pull up

  • Burpee Jumping pull ( on a box)


7 reps for each pressing serious must be unbroken

Can rest in between exercises 

  • 3 Bar Facing burpee penalty 

Juan Carlos Gonzalez