Death By EMOM then AMRAP in Heaven 8/20/19


First let us explain what a “ Death By” workout is

The first minute, you do one rep of the exercises. The second minute, you do two reps of the exercise; the third minute you do three reps, and so on. When you can’t finish your reps.


Min 1 - 1 Squat clean + 1 Box jump

Min 2 - 2 Squat clean + 2 Box jump

Min 3- 3 Squat clean + 3 Box jump

Min 4- 4 Squat clean + 4 Box jump…

Until you can not complete the work inside the minute.

 Death By workout are awesome b/c they guarantee a meeting with what I like to call “ THE WALL” the moment in workout where you can listen to your mind telling you to quit or to give up, or  you can decide to bust through the wall! This moment is so special not just in the gym but really can help teach you that YOU CAN overcome, you can do more that you both possible.

Expect that moment to come and do you best to hang in there as long as you can. We are also going to give you 1 extra life. So if you Fail take the rest of the minute off and try again on the following minute. Once you Die twice with whatever time remaining you are to do our fitness AMRAP in Heaven b/c everyone will be ending at different times, and some of you might finish quick.  Everyone gets a 15 Min Workout.


Power Clean + Hang Squat Clean + 2 Front Squat

  • Building in weight


Death By EMOM then AMRAP in Heaven

 ( 15  Min Cap)

Death By EMOM =( 1 rep of each on 1st min then adding 1 rep to each min till failure )

Squat Clean 115/75

Box Jump 24/20

*Once you Die TWICE*

Then w/ Time remaining 

AMRAP in Heaven

10 Step ups

10 Alt. V- ups


Barbell Complex

DeadLift + Hang Power Clean + Front Squat


Squat Clean -

Power Clean or Front Squat

Lower weight according to fitness level

 Box Jump-

Step Up

 ALt V-up-

Sprinter Sit up


Go heavier than Last week on Barbell Complex





Juan Carlos Gonzalez