Partner T2B Cindy 8/21/19


Team Work makes the Dream Work.

 You go, I go format always makes for a fun workout. This format allows us to tackle high volume and longer workout durations b/c you are only doing half the work and resting half the time. To get the best benefit from the workout, go hard when it is your turn. Really focus on your recovery while your partner is working. Keep each other motivated. Earn that fitness!

You go, I Go Partner WORKOUT:

(28 min Time cap)

20min x AMRAP

100/80 Cal Bike Cash in ( switch every 10 Cal)

Imiediatly into “T2B Cindy” 

Partner 1 does full round while partner 2 Rest

5 Toes to Bar

10 Push Ups

15 Air Squats

--at 20 min --

8 min AMRAP

800m Partner run ( Cash In)

Max Rep Dball over Shoulder 100/60


Toes to Bar-

Hanging Knee raise

Tuck Sit up w/ plate

Reverse Sit up

 Push Up-

Banded or Elevated

 Dball Over Shoulder-

Lower weight 

 Score =

Total Rounds of T2b Cindy and Dball reps


Juan Carlos Gonzalez