Active recovery 8/22/19


Active Recovery workout! 

After a tough couple of days, lets have some fun handstand work. There are so many exercises to get better that our coaches will demonstrate, but number one factor that will improve your Handstands skill is spending time upside down.

 Today’s Workout is simply to get a good sweat and keeping our heart rate up for 12-20min. No time cap just have fun practicing those double unders and testing your grip on those farmers carries.


10 Min on:

Hand Stand/ Hand Stand Walk Exercises


For Time:

400m Run

500m Row

100 Double Unders

200m Farmer Carry w KB 72/52

100 Double Under

500m Row

400m Run


Hand Stand-

Against the wall

Spotting with partner or coach

Use a box

Wall walks


 Run -

200m Walk

Double Under - 

125 Single Skips

30 Cal Bike

Farmer Carry-

Lower weight


3 Burpees every time you drop KBs

Juan Carlos Gonzalez