Fitness + Back and Biceps 8/23/19


Back, Biceps and Abs

Bodybuilding is all about targeting specific muscle groups. The Chinese Row is done lying on a bench which forces your body to only use your back and arm muscles to execute lift, this will be hard for most of you since without realizing we create a lot of power from the floor form legs drive and or compensating with other muscles from breaking form. Truly testing our Back and are muscle pulling ability while adding time under tension with hold and a negative, you will be a stronger human after this class!


10min x EMOM

Min 1- Max Meters on Rower

Min 2- 12 Burpees

Score = Total Metters


4 Rounds ( not for time)

10 Chinese Row 

- 2 Sec hold

- 2 sec down

30 Banded Pull Aparts


4 rounds

15-25 GHD or Weighted Sit-Ups

30 Banded Bicep Curl



Juan Carlos Gonzalez