Conditioning 8/28/19


 We have tested this, and it is possible to keep up with. The whole point of this workout is to stay on pace. You have to move with a sense of urgency for the whole workout, once you finish the work your job is to recover as best you can to go again. 

Once you get a feel for the workout, you will know how much energy it takes each round. We are much more capable than we think, this is a great opportunity to see what your conditioning is made of.


Every 3 Min for 15 min

30 Double Under

20 Wall Ball 20/14

10 Deadlift 185/125

( rest with time remaining )

 *2 MIn Rest *

 Every 3 Min for 15min

250/200m Ski

200m Run

( rest with time remaining )


Double Under

  • 50 Single Skips

  • 10 Cal BIke

Wall Ball

  • Lower reps or weight


  • Lower weight


- 100 Single Skips

Juan Carlos Gonzalez