Max Height Box Jump + Fitness 8/29/19


Jumping is an expression of your power. The higher you can jump demonstrates your ability to create force along with the mental confidence of jumping on top of an object, especially when we really start getting into heights we have never done. The Higher you can jump, the stronger you get.

Always start small and slowly build up in height using plates on a box and just have fun seeing where you are at. Just please focus when doing so, ive seen some gnarly falls from athletes. It's not that jumping is dangerous, it 's that the athletes are inexperienced plus lose focus/ hesitate that cause an accident. Know when you have reached your limit.


15 Min to establish

Max Height Box Jump


EMOM x 21 Min

 Min 1 - 12/9 Cal Row

MIn 2 - 20 Alt Lunges

Min 3 - 8 Burpee Box Jumps 24/20


Max Height Box Jump

  • 15 min Row or bike

Lunges / Burpee Box Jump

  • Step Up


Truly go for the highest box jump you can



Juan Carlos Gonzalez