Chest and Abs 8/9/19


 Starting off today's Chest and abs focused bodybuilding/ accessory workout with a quick crossfit burner. Really meant to get you sweaty and elevate you heart rate to satisfy the high intensity feeling we all love. During today's AMRAP we are setting the standard of wall ball high to 12ft for men and 10ft for women. If this means you have to go lighter than normal that ok. Even with a lighter wall ball this will be a new tough challenge for you and a great opportunity to improve your wall ball. 

 Chest and Abs are on the menu for today, this is a new style of workout that we will continue to program and improve upon. As a coaching staff we know there is huge benefit in lower intensity workouts that focus on a specific muscles that will keep you body healthy and looking good. So please keep an open mind and know that if you channel you normal intensy into focus and body awareness during these exercises. You will improve in a lot of other areas.

Warm-up WORKOUT:

7 min X AMRAP

10 Wall Ball ( men 12ft, women 10ft)

7 Burpee


BodyBuilding Workout

 Chest Super Set

3-5 Sets (not for time)

 8-10 DB Bench (heavy) 

Immediately into

20 DB Bench w/ (50%ish less weight)

Immediately into

30 banded Pull aparts  


3-5 rounds not for time

 10-15 rower Pike ups ( in plank position w/ feet on rower seat moving back and forth)

1 min Hollow Hold





Juan Carlos Gonzalez