HSPU workout 8/8/19


Starting off  with some “ Touch and Go” deadlifts, the goal is not to go super heavy but to PRACTICE your form and increasing your confidence with fast deadlifts and the weight gets heavier, you should end up anywhere between 65-75% of 1RM, if you don't have 1RM get a heavy as you can while not sacrificing form.

HandStand Push Ups have lots of different scaling options, maybe try something new today, let's say you always do HSPU with an ab mat, lets try some on a box or maybe you have never been upside down, lets try some wall walk getting you inverted. HandStand Push Up are super fun and hard and if you can do them well, we can guarantee you arms and shoulders will look as good too. 

 Don't worry about going super hard on today's workout, reps are small to give you and opportunity to keep the quality of technique high! So don't rush and do them right, your body will thank you.


Touch n Go DeadLift


*increasing in weight


15 Min x AMRAP

200m Run

8 Hand Stand Push up

12 DeadLifts 155/105

8 Pull Ups



Everyone runs


100 speed walk


-w/ Ab mat

- on a box

- strict press w/ Barbell or Dumbbell

- 4 wall walks

Pull ups




Pull ups must be unbroken, find scaling option that allows you to do so.


Juan Carlos Gonzalez