FR Lunges + Pull Up conditioning 9/30

CrossFit Poipu!

 Thank you for your patience, as our teams rallies back after putting on another incredible Trail run. This year was Trail Run incredible and hopefully you all got to fitness and learn from so many world class coaches and athletes. Your coaches are motivated to deliver fun and effective workouts and you can expect to see workout previews M-F here on our WOD BLOG.

 CrossFit Open is coming up October 10th, please register at

The Open is a 5 week world wide competition. We will be doing these workout every friday!

 For the next couple weeks this is what you can expect… for strength we will be relying on Front rack Lunges and Dips. Our Workouts Mon- Thur will be more focused on practicing exercise and continuing to develop our conditioning, while Fridays will be saved for a super hard intense workout. 


E2M x  6 Sets

6 Front Rack Reverse lunge W/ BarBell

( 3 Each leg)

Focus on full grip during front rack and try and go heavier than last week. From the floor to a rack.


5 Rounds

For time:

18/15 Cals Bike

12 Wall Ball 20/14

9 Pull up or 5 C2B or 3 Muscle Up

 Focus on keeping wall balls unbroken and practice which ever pull up variation that challenges your fitness level.


 FR Reverse Lunge 

  • DB Bulgarian Split Squat or DB Step Up


  • Jumping or Banded

Juan Carlos Gonzalez