Back to Back to Back 9/4/19


Lots of variety in today’s workout, but all about Handstand Push ups, there are so many great scaling options for HSPU, strict is definitely the exercise that will get you the strongest and safest but if you like kipping they are allowed today. The CrossFit Open is coming and they have programmed strict the last 2 years. We suggest you work on them. 

 3 workouts back to back to back. They are short with rest, pace yourself to be able to move with intensity for all 3! 


On a 27 min Running Clock

 0- 10 min 

 AMRAP( Min)

12/10 Cal Bike

5 HandStand Push

10 SA KB FR Squat 53/35( 1 arm in Front rack)

  • Rest 1 min


For Time: ( 5 min Cap)



American KB Swing 53/35

  • Rest 1 min


AMRAP( 10 Min)

12/10 Cal Bike

5 HandStand Push ups

10 KB Snatch 53/35


HandStand Push Up

  • 2 ab mats or less

  • On a box

  • Push press with 95/65

  • Hand release push ups

 KB Snatch

  • If not comfortable with movement use a Dumbbell

Juan Carlos Gonzalez