Conditioning + Abs+ DBall 10/1/19


 Running + abs + lifting something heavy always makes for a great workout…oh and dormant worry didn’t forget about burpees!

 20 min of work today and that’s all you get! Make the most of it, do you best to keep moving with a goal of keeping pace for the entire 20min and controlling your breathing and heart rate. 

 Don't be scared to go heavy on the dball, it’s good for you. Don't feel the need to go fast on Dball take your time on set up and execution, go fast on all other exercise and enjoy the sweat.


AMRAP x 20 Min

400m Run

30 Tuck sit up with Plate 25/15

10 Dball over shoulder 100/60 

5 Burpee over Box 24’’/20’



  • Row 500m or 30 Cal Bike 

Tuck Sit up

  • Butterfly or sprinter or no weight tuck sit up

Dball Over shoulder

Lower weight or 20 Slam Balls

Burpee over box

  • Stepping up is ok


Juan Carlos Gonzalez