The Keala Foundation is a non-profit organization that is creating communities that support the youth of Kauai.

There are 3 facilities and 2 programs that make up our current family. Our CrossFit and Jiu Jitsu classes are the programs available to serve the children and all communities of Poipu, Kekaha, and Anahola. We are so proud of the work that has gone into building quality fitness training and an environment that invites everyone through the door. Together we are a community that stands for health. 


PARTICIPATION | We are not babysitters, in order for your student to get the most out of this program and stay in the program, they must PARTICIPATE in all class activities and workouts.

RESPECT | This gym and program will always be free for kids, the only way they can pay us is by showing RESPECT for their coaches, volunteers, fellow students, all of the equipment, and the facility. 

EFFORT | In order for students to benefit from this program they must TRY. Our classes are designed to give students opportunities to overcome adversity, be on a team and push their own limits. 

 * Violation of any of these could end up in removal of class for the day, week(s) suspension, or complete removal from the program